Shiftness \\ a shift in scale, material, or method of design

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Tawney, the creator of Shiftness. I am a multifaceted designer; immersed in a multitude of hobbies and interests. With interior design at the forefront, I intersperse my days with leather work, fiber art, photography, graphic design, wood working, yoga, and traveling to have an outlet for my creativity and expand my design skills. 


Shiftness is a brand representing my many passions, especially that of design. I consider myself a designer who is passionate about interiors, but also about the graphics, photography and staging that accompany it. This is the type of service Shiftness eventually aims to bring to you. Because of my unique ability to design in different scales and mediums - say the interior design of a room, or a personalized wall hanging, I can offer a wide range of services to anyone who needs it!

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